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Your customer's journey ultimately leads to the decisive checkout step, the last leg of the shopping experience. This stage defines whether or not your customer will buy the product in question. Therefore, this experience needs to be as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

In accordance with its innovation, security and simplicity principles, VTEX is launching the new SmartCheckout, also called Checkout v6. To cater to evermore complex scenarios, as well as to render the order placing experience as rich and simple as possible, VTEX is launching new features that will result in higher customer satisfaction and an increase in sales.

Read more on the main improvements of this new version below:

Collect orders from Pick-up Points

With the new SmartCheckout, your customer will be able to choose whether to have an order delivered at home or collect it from a pick-up point. Your store hereby gains a new e-commerce delivery method and opens a new sales channel for brick-and-mortar stores.

Split delivery between "Deliver at home" and "Pick-up from store"

In the previous version, the customer was unable to place an order if the chosen products could not be delivered by the same delivery type (Express Delivery, Next Day Delivery, Free Delivery, etc).

With the new version, our checkout can combine any available delivery type to place an order, which means that your customer can receive partial delivery at home and pick up the remaining products from a store or other pick-up point.

More intuitive delivery options choice

The new SmartCheckout also brings your customer more simplicity when choosing delivery options for an order.

If the choice is to receive products at home, up to three delivery options could be shown at checkout:

  • More economic
  • Faster
  • Mixed

The More Economic option considers the cheapest delivery options, looking to appeal to price-driven customers.

The Faster option looks at deliveries with potentially less delivery time, catering to the needs of customers who demand more agile deliveries.

The Mixed option chooses the best cost-benefit ratio between price and delivery time, offering customers a more balanced delivery option.

With these suggestions, your customers will be able to clearly and intuitively decide which delivery method best fits their needs.

Shopping cart shipping simulator

In addition, Checkout v6 has a shipping simulator in the shopping cart stage, anticipating delivery scenarios that your customer may encounter during checkout.

For more on the topic, access our article about how to activate Checkout v6 in your store.

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