Changes in format for the orders export spreadsheet Authorized Date field aims to ensure the quality of our data

Beatriz Osborne
Beatriz Osborne
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Starting June 12th, 2019, we will change the format of the Authorized Date field, found in the orders report which is exported from the Order Management module.

Key Advantages

The new Authorized Date field format ensures an easier and clearer understanding of the date when the order was authorized. In addition, it follows the default of the other already existing report dates, making editing data easier and more intuitive.

Necessary steps

If you are using a macro or automation that takes the Authorized Date field into consideration, you need to pay attention to the yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss formatting field, where:

  • yyyy represents the four digits of the year
  • MM are the two digits of the month
  • dd are the two digits of the day
  • HH represents the hour, in 24-hour format
  • mm are the two digits for minutes
  • ss are the two digits for seconds
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