Access invoice information faster with the new order report column

Beatriz Silva
Beatriz Silva
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In order to facilitate your access to important information related to your operation, the order report now let’s you see the ID data of the order invoice. This information is available in the new Invoice Number column.

What has changed

The new report column let’s you view order invoices through the order management module interface, which was previously only possible through the Get Order API.

Main advantages

In addition to not having to use APIs to access invoice information, the new report column has no data limit.

This means that the Invoice Number field will always display all existing invoices for each order. In case an order has invoices, for example, the field will show both invoice numbers separated by a comma.

What I need to do

The new report column is already enabled in all VTEX accounts, no further action being warranted. For more on how the orders report works, access our article on exporting orders in the Order Management module.

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