Registering physical stores in VTEX inStore

General Configurations

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Thomas Low-Beer

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This guidebook will help you understand several technical details of the VTEX platform that influence inStore operations. In order to have an overview of the product at the business level, we recommend that you read the VTEX inStore Guidebook for retailers.

Content of this document

  1. Initial settings.
  2. How to set up the application to operate with your store.
  3. How to register a physical store.

Initial configuration

This guidebook will help you customize your store settings, so that it can run better on VTEX inStore. When used for the first time, inStore already considers some default settings for your store. This guidebook will show which settings were considered and how you can customize them.

How to configure the app operate with your store

When opened for the first time, the application will ask for the name of the store that will be used. Based on the table below, just type in the name of your store, and the settings will be loaded to the app.


How to register a physical store

After the screen asking for the name of the environment, the app will ask for the identification of the salesperson. This serves to identify the sales made by the salesperson, and to identify the store to which the salesperson is connected. This will enable the correct application of prices, payment conditions and product availability.

To manage the registration of your physical stores, simply access your Masterdata. After accessing the Masterdata, search for the area named "Profile System". In this area, search for the word “Lojas” and click on “listar” as shown in the image below.

  • If you are not able to find this application, it means that your environment has not been set up correctly. In this case, we recommend using the environment settings tutorial for use by inStore.*


By clicking on “listar”, a list of registered stores will be displayed as shown in the image below. Click on “Novo” to register a new store.


Fill out the form with the store’s data and click on “salvar”.


Done! Your store is registered! 😃 Now you can continue to register the salespersons! See here how to do this.

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