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The gift card, gift voucher or money order is a form of payment that is configured as a cash value associated to a client, and is used to grant discount on the value of the order at the store, as a payment option.

The gift card can be registered directly by the admin as a discount on purchases, or can be used together with an external loyalty program that the store uses and wants to connect with the gift card system of VTEX. For this, check our documentation on integration with a gift card.

Regardless of which system will make the logic of the values and the registration of gift cards and values (which can be done by admin or by the external loyalty program), for both options you need to perform the configuration of the gateway affiliation and payment conditions, described below.

How to Create the gift card (manual)

The gift card in VTEX is considered as a form of payment. It has a nominal value, that can be used at the time of purchase to bring down part of the order value.

  1. Access the Catalog module;
  2. Access the Campaign control tab;
  3. Click on Gift Cards;
  4. Click on New Gift Card.

Fill out the fields as shown below:

  • Gift Card: Gift card ID. It is the name that will be displayed at checkout to vouchers that are not associated to an exclusive CPF / CNPJ;
  • Value: nominal value that will be granted to the use of the gift card;
  • Effective Date: Effective date of use of the gift card;
  • Customer's CPF / CNPJ: Given to identify and assign the gift card to a specific customer. If you fill out this field, it is not necessary that the customer knows the voucher ID, because it appears automatically at checkout;
  • Collection: Collection of products that define to which items the gift card may have its value applied.
  • Restricted: Only the customer related to the CPF / CNPJ informed above may use this gift card;
  • Rechargeable: Is it possible to change the balance of this gift card as long as it is valid;
  • Reusable: It will be possible to make new purchases with this gift card until its value is fully utilized.

Finally, click on Save.

How to configure the Gateway Affiliations

  1. Access the PCI Gateway module;
  2. Click on Settings;
  3. Access the Gateway Affiliations tab;
  4. Click on + to add a new affiliation;
  5. Choose the Gift Card option;
  6. Give a name to the affiliation;
  7. Define Type of Refund and Early Security Capture conditions;
  8. Click on Save.

How to configure the payment conditions

  1. Access the PCI Gateway module;
  2. Click on Settings;
  3. Click on + symbol to add a new payment condition;
  4. Choose Gift Card as the payment condition;
  5. Name the condition, enable it, and select Process with Affiliation (previously created);
  6. Click on Save.

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