VTEX IO - Getting Started

Create your first app with VTEX IO - our serverless development platform.

Introduction to VTEX IO

VTEX IO is VTEX's web application development platform.

In this track, we will teach you step by step how to develop an app using VTEX IO.

Basic Structure

See in the image below the hierarchical structure of VTEX IO:

VTEX IO Hierarchy

  • VTEX IO: it's the infrastructure where the apps will be developed.
  • Account: To develop an app, you need to have a VTEX account.
  • Workspaces: These are the environments where the apps will be developed. These environments are linked to the account. You may have multiple workspaces for a single account.
  • App: it's the application itself. Apps are developed within workspaces. Multiple apps can be developed within a single workspace.


In the next steps, we will cover the following topics:

  1. Create a VTEX account.
  2. Initial VTEX IO setup.
  3. Create a workspace.
  4. Create an app.
  5. Publish an app.
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