inStore setup

A setup guide to inStore, VTEX's solution that brings the power of e-commerce to your physical store.

Registering the SKUs barcodes for inStore

It's in VTEX catalog that we register the products and define their characteristics.

In this step, we'll register the SKUs barcodes. Barcode is the information that enables products to be easily added to the inStore cart. To add a product, we simply read its barcode with a scanner. inStore also allows the barcode to be manually entered.

Typically, inStore's catalog is inherited from the e-commerce catalog. In this scenario, all you need to do is register the EAN13 (field that must contain the barcode information) in the SKUs.

To register the EAN for SKUs, follow the steps below:

Registering the EAN13 field

  1. Enter the Catalog module.
  2. On the Products Management tab, hover over Products and Skus and click on Products and Skus Management.
  3. In the list of SKUs, click on the SKU name.
  4. In the EAN13 field, fill in the value of the barcode.
  5. Click Save.

The EAN13 information may take up to 10 minutes to be updated. After that, you can add the SKU to the inStore cart using the barcode scanner.

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