Support Plans

Here you will find a comparative table of the support plans provided by VTEX.

  • Standard is the name given to VTEX free support.
  • Enterprise, Global and Global+ are the support plans provided by VTEX support team.

Through the links above you may find more information about the Standard plan. To hire the plans Enterprise, Global and Global+, talk to us through here.

For other services provided by VTEX Customer Care, enter this link.


* VTEX may reduce the priority level if the client is not able to properly rank the issue so that it is resolved within the necessary and possible resources.

First contact

This is the initial contact between VTEX and the customer. For Enterprise, Global and Global+ plans, the VTEX team will be the focal point during support. For customers who do not have support by a Partner or by the Professional Services, first contact will happen through VTEX Help and VTEX Community.

Help Center

VTEX Help Center is available to every customer. There you can find all the documentation concerning VTEX platform, How To’s, FAQs and Concepts.


The Community is the main means of communication for customers who do not have a Partner or the Professional Services team as their first support contact. There, customers may post their questions, suggestions, opinions and ideas related to VTEX platform. VTEX team will be on hand to answer at any time.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring may be performed through our Healthcheck dashboard and also through the Status Page, which informs the status of VTEX platform services. VTEX values the transparency of technical information concerning the platform. That is why we offer a webpage showing exactly which module is experiencing some instability, as well as the reason for that instability.

Tickets System

The tickets system will be accessible only to registered customers. Communication with the Professional Services team is done through it. Partners also communicate with VTEX through that system. It allows VTEX to track every call, measure response time and prioritize.

Response SLA

The service level agreement will be valid only for support given by the Professional Services team or the Certified Partners. The response time may vary depending on the priority of the issue in question.

sla suporte EN

Customer Service Phone

Global+, Global and Enterprise support, given by the Professional Services team, will provide a phone number so that the customer may contact VTEX. Only these plans will have access to the support phone within business hours. For issues with Priority 1 or Priority 2, telephone service may be used during off-business hours (9am to 6pm, Mon-Fri), only for Global supports.

APIs Support

API methods support (REST and Webservice) involves solving problems reported by error messages in VTEX platform.


Preliminary analysis of the store’s front-end, debugging, configuration and good practices recommendation inside CMS module.

REST API Javascript Support

REST API JavaScript support for layout customization through CMS and Master Data modules or external applications. Good practices and API recommendations for the desired scenarios.

Continuous Improvement Support

The continuous improvement support is carried out by the Professional Services team. It provides resources following the best practices in the market. The team investigates VTEX environment and finds opportunities to increase conversion, reduce costs, improve performance or help complete problems / tickets.

Platform Customization Support

Support to advanced and customized implementations on VTEX platform. Examples: MasterData and integration with external solutions.

Access to the Account Manager

The Account Manager is the primary contact for any store-related issues. The Account Manager is part of the Professional Services team and is available during business hours. For P1 issues,* the Account Manager may be contacted 24×7. If the customer does not know whom to turn to, the Account Manager will guide him and direct him to the right person.

Quarterly Meeting

Quarterly meeting with the Professional Services team to evaluate store performance and strategic planning.

Support Provided By

Identification of who will perform service according to the chosen plan – Certified Partners or VTEX itself.

Users Limit

Limit of registered users in the tickets tool (Zendesk) for customers who have Professional Service support. There is no limit of registered users in the Community.

Suggested Edition

Support plan suggestion according to TIER (acronym used to identify the type of store given the average number of approved orders per day, average ticket of approved orders and average growth projected for the next years (%)).


The price for Partner’s support is not imposed. This amount is merely a suggestion of initial charge. The Partners are free to stipulate the price for their support at any time. The values for Enterprise , Global and Global+ plans are real, fixed and monthly. The Standard plan is free and available to all VTEX customers.