When loading a product page with a selection of SKUs by parameter (URL), the price is not correctly updated

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Danilo Juliani

Danilo Juliani

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When you access a product page with a change (more than one SKU) with the querystring parameter "idsku={{idSku}}", the system marks the SKU as selected (in the skuRichSelection and skuSelection control).

However if the SKU selected (from the parameter) is unavailable (out of stock / not deliverable), when the user selects another available SKU in the SKU selector, price details are not shown.

Price not updated on selection of SKU


  1. Access the page of a product with a change in SKU, supplying the parameter "idsku" in the URL (QueryString). Select an unavailable SKU.
  2. In the SKU selection control (skuSelection or skuRichSelection), select another available SKU.
  3. The price of this second SKU will not be rendered correctly.


  1. Create an SKU selection control using JavaScript (without using our native control).
  2. Never use selection by parameter (querystring) for an unavailable SKU.