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Danilo Juliani

Danilo Juliani

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The Welcome Message control (<vtex.cmc: welcomeMessage/>) is responsible for rendering the HTML snippet that displays the welcome message to the user as well as the login link.

When copying a Web Site Binding, we realize that this control does not appear in the template that is used in more than one Web Site. For example, in the Home template.


  • Enter the CMS module
  • Click on the Web Sites folder
  • Click on the Web Site
  • Click on the option "Copy Web Site"
  • Set it as you want (Web Site name, links, etc.)
  • Save Web Site
  • In the Home template, use the same template used by the other Web Site
  • Save the layout
  • Access the template


As a workaround, we recommend that a prefix or suffix is used in the template name to identify the deletion intention.

Example: From Home toTrash-Home