Postal Codes with district name without city

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Pedro Oliveira

Pedro Oliveira

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Some Postal Code codes do not carry the name of the city next to the district, but only the name of the district. The correct would be to bring the name of the district accompanied by the name of the city.

Example 1

Galante is a district in the city of Campina Grande. When we simulate the Postal Code, we have the following return:

  • CEP: 58446-000
  • City: Galante

The correct would be:

  • CEP: 58446-000
  • City: Galante (Campina Grande)

Example 2

Taperuaba is a district of the city of Sobral. When we simulate this Postal Code, we have the following return:

  • CEP: 62106-000
  • City: Taperuaba

The correct would be:

  • CEP: 62106-000
  • Town: Taperuaba (Sobral)


  • Access the module Logistics;
  • Click on Freight Simulation;
  • Select any product;
  • Insert the CEP 58446-000, for example;
  • Click on Simulate Freight;
  • At the address, the city will only appear as "Galante".


There is currently no workaround for this scenario. Records update is required to prevent customers from getting confused.