"List Purchases" link in the gift list report does not apply filter correctly in OMS



Danilo Juliani

Danilo Juliani

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In the Catalog module, in the list report, clicking on the "List Purchases" link, the system redirects to OMS without applying the filter correctly, listing all the orders and not only the ones from the chosen list.


  1. In the admin, access the Catalog module;
  2. In the menu, navigate to Reports > Lists > All Lists;
  3. Choose a list that has the column "Qtd Comprada" filled with a value greater than 0 (zero);
  4. In the list, next to the "Visit" button, hover over the little arrow and click the "List Purchases" option.

The system will redirect you to OMS without correctly applying the filter.


  1. Access the OMS module;
  2. In the OMS module, in the order list, click on the filter;
  3. In the "Others" group, click the "Search field" option;
  4. Choose the "Gift List ID" option;
  5. Return to the main search field and include the ID of the list you want to fetch.