Kit created by integration doesn't receive a table of values

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Thomas Low-Beer

Thomas Low-Beer

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The kit created by integration is not creating a values table even after a price component is added.

This behavior is partly due to the fact that the feature does not accept a default value in kit creation. For one of the characteristics of a kit is that the shopkeeper can practice a price different from that of the component.


Create a kit via Web Service (Soap) (Only possible via Web Service)

Step 1: Download the integration manual

Step 2: Run kit creation route: StockKeepingUnitKitInsertUpdate


To work around this problem, the path is quite simple. Looking at the kit, follow the path described below:

Blue Arrow > SKU > Grey Arrou (edit) > Kit > Change > Save

The component must have a price already registered. Here we're just saving the form again to force indexing. To verify it, just see the table of values associated with the SKU Kit.

To solve this problem through API, simply add a value table creation route for SKU (after you've created the kit): 0684-d3dd-b68a0d5f703f