Web Service methods will be deprecated after February 28 - except for the Catalog



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As of February 28, we will discontinue the use of Web Service for integrations with VTEX, except for the Catalog methods.

Web Service will continue to work for the Catalog. However, soon these methods will also be discontinued.

If your store still uses any of these methods, replace them with API integrations. Otherwise, as of February 28, these integrations will no longer work.

VTEX has APIs that address all scenarios currently covered by Web Service methods, which is an old technology, for which there is less and less support.

Below is a list of the Web Service methods that will be discontinued:

  • AddressByAddressClient
  • AddressGetByClientIdV2
  • AddressInsertUpdateV3
  • ClientGet
  • ClientGetAllFromCreatedDateAndId
  • ClientGetByCPF
  • ClientGetByEmailV3
  • ClientGetByGuidV3
  • ClientGetV3
  • ClientInsertUpdateV3
  • FreightCalculateV3
  • FreightGetAll
  • NewsletterGetAllByDate
  • OrderChangeStatus
  • OrderChangeTrackingNumber
  • OrderChangeTrackingNumberV3
  • OrderGet
  • OrderGetByClientCpf
  • OrderGetByStatus
  • OrderGetByStatusByQuantity
  • OrderGetNext50FromIdV3
  • OrderGetV3
  • OrderPaymentGetAll
  • OrderStatusGetAll
  • UpdateNotifyShipping
  • WareHouseIStockableGetByStockKeepingUnit
  • WareHouseIStockableGetByStockKeepingUnitV3
  • WareHouseIStockableUpdate
  • WareHouseIStockableUpdateV3
  • ZipCodeGet