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Breno Barreto

Breno Barreto

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Earlier this month we announced the release of one of the many new features that VTEX is developing to further enhance the user experience - the new My Orders section. Today we released another feature that integrates this section: the new version of the Order Placed page.

RequestConfirmed(// images.contentful.com/alneenqid6w5/2Xr5mMmZMs0WAy4i6cK4EC/50c153cf99a137eb55f0d0dbc34ee820/ConfirmedPosition.png)

It is now part of Checkout Confirmation, feature that's responsible for the Checkout confirmation pages. And it brings important advantages to your store:

  • Improved design.
  • Navigation more agile and intelligent.
  • Layout totally mobile-friendly.

Activating this update is simple: just access the Orders tab in your admin's Portal module and activate the Order Placed Upgrade.

After August 24, 2017, the new version will be activated by default, and the old one will be discontinued. So stay tuned!

RequestConfirmed2(// images.contentful.com/alneenqid6w5/5xM0PRucykSa84SWWO4k2S/0dcf664d17697bdbf8a32b074578af27/Confirmed2.png)

You may want to update your customization. To learn how, see the tutorial Customize Checkout Confirmation Pages.

Order Placed is part of a set of enhancements that are driving the SmartCheckout experience even further, and we're thrilled and curious to know what you're thinking.