VTEX stores now have automatic image compiling to WebP

Breno Barreto

Breno Barreto

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VTEX stores now rely on automatic image compiling to WebP format. This feature allows a reduction of up to 25% in the site weight.

The format, developed by Google, is more efficient than JPG or PNG, without necessarily reducing the quality of the images. It easily generates a gain of 1 or 2 seconds in page load time (varying according to the layout).

Both the reduction in speed and the use of the format result in better organic rankings by Google.

The files are stored in their original format but converted in real time when requested to the server by compatible browsers. Google Chrome is the main browser in this scenario: it's currently used in 70% of VTEX accesses, and is already supported by WebP.

Browsers that are not format compliant, such as Firefox, and services such as integrations and marketplaces, receive the unconverted image. GIF is not currently undergoing this conversion.

More information about WebP can be found on the Google website or on VTEX Help and VTEX Community.