The new Admin is already being deployed to all stores

Daniel Aleixo

Daniel Aleixo

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VTEX's new Admin is now ready to be used by all stores. After a period in beta, when some of our clients were able to try it, we've made improvements and decided to release it in a process that starts this week and will run until May 7.

The changes are not only represented by the more friendly interface or the intuitive navigation, based on a side menu that makes it easier to access all the platform features. The new Admin was built on a full integration with VTEX IO, VTEX's new development platform, and is entirely compatible with Extension Store's applications.

All those characteristics represent a step forward in how we deliver the Admin pages. With unified user experience and technology, it's now even easier to develop new features and improvements.

And don't worry: this transition will not interfere on your daily routine, because the most significant change is the way you navigate through the platform (using the side menu instead of the old catalog of modules). The platform features will evolve at a different pace, while keeping the same look and feel and ways of using it a bit longer.

If you can't wait to try the new Admin, type https://{AccountName} in your browser, replacing {AccountName} with your store's account name.

The legacy modules (Catalog, Master Data, and CMS) will keep redirecting to their external environments.