SmartCheckout™'s new version available for all stores

Daniel Aleixo

Daniel Aleixo

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SmartCheckout™, VTEX's no login and no password one-click-buy checkout, is now fully updated to it's fifth version.

Available since June 2017 for everyone who wanted to make the upgrade manually, the new version brings improvements in security, customization and features. One of it's highlights is that, from now on, credit, debit, and private label cards will become embedded in an iframe. It makes JavaScippt customizations no longer possible, which represents an amazing gain in terms of security for your store.

Another cool thing is the new geocoordinate freight calculation option. By using a geographical point (latitude and longitude) instead of a zip code, users can easily set the delivery address, specially in regions where the postal code system is not very accurate.

Other important changes:

  • Easy editing of the page title, wich appears in the browser's bar or tab.
  • PayPal Plus is now supported.
  • New data layer information to be used along with Google Enhanced Ecommerce.
  • Customizations are now avaiable for the checkout5-custom.js and orderplaced2-custom.js files, wich edits the checkout and the finished order screen, repectively.
Remember: VTEX doesn't recommend the customization of JavaScript files, because this can damage your checkout. We don't take responsability for any problems originated from the editing of this code.

To know everything about the SmartCheckout™'s new version, take a look at this VTEX Help article.