Service Worker files can now operate at full capacity

Daniel Aleixo

Daniel Aleixo

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Service Worker files now can intercept requests from all parts of your store. While this script had limited permissions in the past, we now included the Service-Worker-Allowed header along with the value /, so it can perform in all it's potential. This means that your website now has all the necessary resources to implement periodic syncing, push notifications and even offline mode.

The upgrade in the Service Worker permissions broadens the possibilities for your store, like turning it into a PWA (Progressive Web App). This solution allows users to access a certain website like they would do in a smartphone app, but without the inconvenience of having to download it. The only requirement is saving the website in the home screen. And you don't even have to be connected to the internet to browse through it's content.

VTEX's platform doesn't have a feature to turn your store into a PWA. It only offers the conditions to enable the implementation.

Read this VTEX Help article to learn how to install a Service Worker file in your store.