New Master Data API improves setup flexibility

Breno Barreto

Breno Barreto

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We have released version 2.0 of the API of Master Data - the dynamic, flexible and scalable VTEX data repository.

This new release brings features that allow more configuration flexibility of structures stored in Master Data: entities, triggers and indexes.

And it is backward compatible with the previous version. That is, there's no breach of compatibility with version 1.

Here are some of the features that version 2.0 of Master Data API brings:

  • Now you can save complex JSONs.
  • The store can automate the replication process of the structures in the setup of its products that use Master Data via API (ex .: agencies that sell Contact Us and Wish List).
  • Entity names can be longer than 2 characters.
  • A setup phase is no longer required to start using the API. Just send the request and the setting will be performed automatically.
  • Filters now support objects and object arrays (up to the second level).
  • The default cache can now be disabled.

Also, the API now supports complex validations using JSON Schema. For each entity, there can be up to 10 validations, with the following characteristics:

  • Validation by range (ex: age between 18 and 25).
  • Validation of objects and object arrays.
  • String can be a regex.
  • String size can be configured as desired by the store.

See the documentation for the new features in the VTEX Help article.