NEW DEADLINE: activate the new CDN until May 31

Augusto Garrucho

Augusto Garrucho

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Because many stores couldn't perform the necessary actions to activate the new CDN on time, we've decided to extend the deadline until May 31st.

What is the new CDN?

The CDN is a network that's used to deliver all the content in your website (text, images, videos). The new CDN is better and safer, but your store needs to take action in order to use it. To know more, read the instructions bellow or this VTEX Help article.

Why it is so critical?

If your store doesn't make the changes, it will go offline.

What must be done?

You need to do just 3 things to get your store ready to the change:

If you get those 3 steps done, your store shouldn't have any problems. To know more, follow the instructions bellow or read this VTEX Help article. If you're not sure how to make these changes or if your store is Se você não tiver certeza como realizar essas mudanças ou não sabe se sua loja já está adequada, send this announcement to your support or IT team. It's critical that all those actions are implemented, so your store can keep selling.

Complementary information

Besides de deadline, some measures have already been implemented for all stores:

  • HTTP is no longer allowed in the checkout pages. All stores now use the HTTPS protocol.
  • New folders (or the ones that have been changed) are already using HTTPS.
  • Inactive accounts (or the ones that were not in stable) have been updated to HTTPS.

Note that, to complete the activation of the new CDN, it's absolutely necessary to enable HTTPS throughout your whole website. Details on how to do that are in this VTEX Help article.

After enabling HTTPS, you must:

  • Update your DNS to VTEX's new CNAME.
  • Request activation of the the new CDN.

If your store's domain points to anything that contains or, you're still using the old CNAME. The update is necessary because all content will be hosted in {hostname}

After May 31st, the old CNAMEs will stop working. All stores using them will crash.

After HTTPS is enabled and your store is updated with VTEX's new CNAME, you'll need to request the activation of the new CDN. If you don't do this until May 31st, the activation will be done automatically. That's why it's so important to follow the instructions already given and reinforced in this announcement: it's the only way to avoid future problems with your store.

For a full step-by-step on activating the new CDN (including the CNAME update), read this VTEX Help article.