New CDN gives more security and speed

Breno Barreto

Breno Barreto

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Since October, VTEX has been offering an improved content delivery solution for all stores: our new CDN.

Once your store starts using it, all pages on your site will be delivered by a specialized content delivery network, updated to support HTTP/2.

Some of the advantages of using a CDN are:

  • Greater security.
  • Low latency.
  • High page loading speed.

And with HTTP/2 support you have access to a series of other improvements.

All VTEX stores have to migrate to the new CDN.

Check out in this article how to perform this migration.

There are no risks or contraindications to joining the new model.

The main requirement for migrating is that your site is fully available on HTTPS, which contributes to secure traffic to your store and improve your site ranking in organic searches. To do this, follow the steps in the article Enable HTTPS throughout the site.