My Orders's new version is already on App Store

Daniel Aleixo

Daniel Aleixo

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As announced here, My Orders extension is already mandatory to all stores. Since June 6, it is available by default and is not accessible through VTEX's App Store anymore.

The My Orders extension is already available on VTEX's App Store, bringing lots of improvements to the "My Orders" page. Because of all the benefits it delivers (including easier customization and better performance), it's use will be mandatory as of June 5.

Among the new features are: visualization support for attachments and bundle items, tracking info for every item (until now it was only for the different kinds of shipping) and pagination (showing 15 items at a time by default). This decreases the loading time of the page and allowed us to remove the maximum limit of products shown.

Another important thing is that the extension gets order's data from the OMS's API. This gives more precision to the order's status.

We recommend you to install the My Orders extension in your store as soon as possible, specially if it's "My Orders" page has any customizations. In doing so, you'll be able to test all the new features and prevent crashes when the migration is completed.