All stores have until April 20th to activate the new CDN

Breno Barreto

Breno Barreto

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VTEX's new CDN is a solution wich delivers content in an even safer and faster way. Your store will then work under HTTP/2, wich powers-up your website both in therms of efficiency and user experience. This change is an improvement in the architecture that VTEX uses to deliver the pages of your store.

Available for everyone since October 2017 the new CDN will be mandatory starting in April 20th. If you want to activate it, just follow the steps described in this VTEX Help article.

Important: The main requirement to use the new CDN is enabling HTTPS in your whole website. You must pay special attention to HTTP requests, that should turn into the HTTPS protocol in order to work under the new CDN. See how to enable HTTPS throughout your website and pay attention to the requirements for this migration.

So, remember:

You have until april 20th to:
- Enable HTTPS in your whole website.
- Activate VTEX's new CDN.

After this, crashes may occur in the stores that haven't completed the process, from broken layouts to your store going completely offline . We recommend you to enable HTTPS and activate the new CDN in this period, so your customers will enjoy the best e-commerce experience.