A new feature to use Mercado Livre's messaging service

Daniel Aleixo

Daniel Aleixo

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VTEX has developed a new feature so you can use Mercado Livre's messaging service. Now, the data of every order is sent to the marketplace to notify your clients.

How it works

With this new feature, VTEX sends updates of an order's status to Mercado Livre. This data is used by the messaging service, which in turn sends a report to your customer about their purchase. As the process flows, auto messages are sent when the order is approved, the tracking URL is available, and the order has been delivered.

Why this is good for you

  • Your customers will have a clearer vision of their purchases.
  • The order flow will be more transparent, making your store more trustable.
  • Messages are fully customizable. All you need to do is edit them on VTEX's platform.
  • The tracking URL is sent automatically. One less worry in your daily routine.

Set it up now on your store, following the Mercado Livre's integration steps.